Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July. Every year on the fourth of July, I don't think about America's independence from Britain or celebrating our country with fireworks and avoiding drunk drivers on the highway. I think about Will Smith fighting aliens with the President, Bill Pullman. I used to think Bill Pullman was cute, especially in While You Were Sleeping.

My sister and I enjoyed a nice afternoon shopping for groceries and cooking. We ate our dinner outside, even though it was uncomfortably warm and the sun was setting but shining directly in our faces and there were wasps buzzing all around our plates... It was still a nice dinner.

Of course, I just have to share a picture of my steak with blue cheese butter and a large helping of corn salad.

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Mishi said...

I'd have to say your family's homecooked meal looks way better than the above pictures from Typhoon.