Monday, July 14, 2008

Mix Tape - Guitar Hero III

My favorite songs from Guitar Hero III:


I love Guitar Hero. When the game first came out, I thought it was lame - fake guitar wannabe rockstar video game. Boy, was I wrong. I became addicted to it when I tried it out at an electronics store. Being the loser that I am, I was glued to the game station for an hour at Fry's Electronics. Since then, I've been a huge fan. For Christmas, I bought my brother Guitar Hero III and I haven't played it until now. I've been so busy but now that I'm temporarily unemployed, I have more time to play video games. I've mastered medium difficulty but I'm horrible at hard. My pinky is just too weak to play the orange key. My brother is a true Guitar Hero. He's freakishly good and can beat every song on expert. He even tried to help me master hammer-ons and pull-offs so that I can get past the hard level. I'm still working on it and doing my pinky exercises.

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Mishi said...

I hate the orange key, too!! You should see how fast Brian can flick his pinky finger, it's hilarious. And I keep calling hammer-ons, "hard-ons" lol. Rock Band has the drums, microphone, bass guitar, and regular guitar, it's really fun.

You are brave to play at Fry's. I would be too embarrassed to play there haha.