What's with the name Melancholy Rainbow?
I used to work at Kimo's, a live music venue/dive bar (now closed). One day, the staff decided to come up with fake band names for laughs (because there are so many bands that come through with the most ridiculous + weird names). I came up with Melancholy Rainbow and it kind of just stuck. Some other creative names: The Jean Creamers, Diarrhea Mustache and Sprechen Sie Douche?

Favorite writers?
Jane Austen, Kurt Vonnegut, MFK Fisher and Roald Dahl. 

What are your vices?
Beer, coffee, and I swear way too much. 

Who are your heroes?
Batman, Charlie Brown, Bill Melendez, Sailor Moon, and Bobby Kennedy. 

Have you always loved animals as much as you do now?
Yes. I have always loved animals and they have always loved me. I should've been a Disney princess. 

How do you feel about our national debt of 14 trillion dollars (and climbing) and the fact that Social Security, Medicare and Defense and Wars make up 60% of it ?
The same way I feel about raisins.

Favorite musicians?
I'm a music zealot and I have so many favorite bands and musicians, but I'm particularly obsessed with Neil Young. 

Why are you doing this?
My 엄마* asks me the same thing...

What is your favorite food?
EVERYTHING. Except raisins.

Hey, are these questions even real?

*엄마 = Korean for Mom