Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Need to Read

Excited to read these books I got today:


I always try reading several books at once to keep things interesting. This is actually a horrible idea because I end up not finishing a lot of good books. I should really stop this... Maybe next time.

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Mishi said...

Sometimes it sucks when you have to put a hold on a book and wait forever (especially the newer books), or if I haven't finshed a book, I have to return it because someone put it on hold. But the SF Library pretty much has the best public collection. I'm lucky enough to have it within my weekly route.

I'm not a fast reader, or maybe I'm comparing myself to Brian who skim reads. I read every single word and back track a lot. The Phillip Morris book I read last month, but I just wanted to put it on my list and the other two books had large print/less words per page, but it takes me nearly a 1-2 minutes to read each page. Plus I have lots of time to read right now and I'm excited to read them. I'm trying to get as much reading in before school starts.

And those books look like a good read. They have interesting titles. Do they have eye-catching covers as well? I love books about philosophy too! I like seeing the books you read, I'm going to have to create another list of books to read. =)