Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tam totally kicked my ass. I am so sore! I hiked Mt. Tam with friends (Christine and Andrew) for the first time and although a grueling adventure for my unfit, out-of-shape body, it was a magical experience. We hiked a total of almost 8 miles starting at the Matt Davis Trail and then made our way to Stinson Beach. From Stinson we took Dipsea to the Steep Ravine Trail and arrived back at our cars.

Looks like this arm is in need of a good shave.
Stinson Beach.
These look like a little golden cocoons.
The weather had as many faces as Eve. You better get that reference.

I love the way moss grows on things
Yummy Banana Slug.

Christine and Andrew climbing the 10ft ladder on Steep Ravine.

The mountain lion and rattlensake advisory we saw AFTER our hike.

It was Christine and Andrew's first time climbing Mt. Tamalpais as well. Christine, being the great planner/organizer of things, found this lovely route through Weekend Sherpa, a really cool outdoors guide website that I am now subscribed to.

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