Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Text. Call. Email. Repeat.

My brother is the only guy in my life who does not have the option of not calling me back. My brother is also the only person I know who would blatantly ignore 100 messages from anyone because he "doesn't feel like responding".

I've been asked a couple times for dating advice (which I'm totally not qualified to give), so I thought I'd offer some general LIFE advice (which I'm totally not qualified to give): Just one message will suffice. Maybe two. 6 text messages, 9 missed calls, and 15 emails are only acceptable to send if the recipient's life is in question.

Warning: Dating or life advice offered by Nina may cause depression, anemia, itchy scalp, alcoholism, involuntary celibacy, a craving for meat loaf, and sometimes even Swine Flu.


Daniel said...

Itchy scalp? That's scary.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post a new comic!!!