Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recap: EBABZ Fest

The East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest was a blast! I had an amazing time and met so many wonderful, gifted, salt of the earth people. I feel so fortunate to have participated in this event. It was my 2nd time showing and selling my comic and I must admit, I was really nervous.

view from the stairs

the official first issue

My EBABZ Loot: a few traded zines, 
like from my booth neighbor, 
Cake & Comix. a poem written on the 
spot by the lovely Whitney Langell. 
buttons by Jeffrey Boozer. 
a print by Jon Carling. and 
dachshund cards by Jen Oaks. 
I was too broke to buy anything 
else, although I so very 
badly wanted to.


News: I've been working on a new zine that I really want to finish. It's about an elephant... And that's all I'm gonna tell you.

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