Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh, Stumptown

Hey there! Sorry I haven't been posting new comics. I've been slacking because I've been {insert excuse here} and because I'm {insert a synonym for "shitty" here}.

I don't have a new comic yet, but I do have some good news! I'd like to announce that I will be at the 13th Annual Portland Zine Symposium August 10th and 11th!

Poster Art by Asher Craw

If you happen to live nearby, please try to make it out and support your local zinesters and the not-so-local zinesters, like me! Even if you don't live nearby, you should plan a trip to Portland because it is an amazing little city full of nice drivers, beards, bikes, tasty doughnuts + coffee, and super rad people.

Read more about my recent trip to Portland and how I feel about it by clicking the link below.

- - - - - - - -

I visited Portland for the first time in April and I seriously did not want to leave. I had such a great time in this awesome city that I felt I was made to be in...

Portland has become my mistress as I dream of her often and all the fun that we had, especially on bad days. But I have come to the realization that this will remain a long love affair, because what can I say? San Francisco will always have my heart.

1. Tender Loving Empire on Record Store Day. They have a great selection of local Portland bands.
2. Powell's Books. Why can't there be more book stores like this???
3. Pho at 9am for breakfast. The best hangover food.
4. Art Work Rebels Tattoo Studio. I'm gonna get work done by Joel and I can't wait!
5. Randoms at the Rose Garden, Food Trucks, and a view of the river.
6. Dinner at Pok Pok and I'm clearly great at multitasking. The food was spicy and delicious and the drinks were very tasty. Definitely going back.

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